Implementation of a computer application for the validation of scientific articles in indexed journals

Technology has evolved so rapidly that it is capable of making decisions with the use of mathematical equations, which has allowed the generation of new software that optimizes the daily problems of ordinary people in the beginning and academics today, as is the case of development of an application capable of applying the APA metrics and citation regulations as presented in the main objective of the project, substantially reducing the time of editing and review for both researchers and publishers, contributing to the strengthening of research through of the dissemination of it, which is the main mission of the Digital Science Network, linking with the policies of the National Development Plan, contributing to the increase in the percentage of investment in private sector R&D and contributing to requests for national patents when properly completing the books and research raised by the network. Technically the agile software development methodology (scrum) was used, in the administrative part it is intended to use a garage methodology. This project is focused on the national market at the beginning and internationally in subsequent phases by presenting an automated and validated form to be implemented in an indexed magazine in an agile and intelligent way.

Efraín Velasteguí López , Yolanda Tatiana Carrasco Ruano , Manolo Roberto Fabara Villacis , Diego Omar Guerra Poalasin


Diagnosis of teaching activities in language learning in children in basic education.

The goal of the current research was performed through a diagnostic of didactic activities in language learning on children of sixth and seventh level of Educación Básica at “García Moreno” school, Batán neighborhood in Riobamba city. A set of didactic activities guided to assess language skills such us listening, reading speaking and writing were applied using: organizers, mindsets, sentence formulation, suggestion activities, dialogues, and so on. The research was focused on the application of a pedagogical process in English learning it is descriptive, field and explanatory that was applied in a population and sample of 5 teachers and 44 students with similar level of English language knowledge. Surveys and tests were applied for data collection as main techniques. Information gathered was tabulated and represented by statistical tables and graphs and then it was analyzed and interpreted. Diversification of activities were stablished through obtained results which permitted to motivate students in communication skills. It also serves as a baseline of the pedagogical process of the English language learning development for the application of proposals through oriented strategies at defining incidents or improvements

Porras Pumalema Sandra Paulina, Bravo Yépez Miguel Patricio, Adriana Carolina Lara Velarde


Design of a process of production of citrus acid by computational simulation.

The design of a citric acid production process from fermentation with Aspergillus Niger by computer simulation, was carried out with the use of SuperPro Designer software, the design parameters were established based on previous studies, which were entered into the calculation platform, subsequently the results obtained in the design were analyzed technically and economically, which allowed to determine an amount of citric acid production of 6 914. 69 ton / year, when using FOB prices (Free on board) you have an investment total of $ 31,460,000 together with a NPV (net present value) of $ 165,000 and an IRR (internal rate of return) of 8.05%, indicating that the project can be carried out and is profitable in a time of retribution 8 years old The process consists of two stages: fermentation and isolation, which must be carried out under the operating conditions (T = 25ºC and P = 1 atmosphere in most operations) and the optimal fermentation conditions for Aspergillus niger (T = 35ºC, pH = 5.8 and P = 1 atmosphere) that are suitable to obtain a quality product that can be offered in the national and international market. Finally, it is proven that the use of software allows technical studies to be developed without the need to resort to long periods of time with experimental laboratory tests, that is, it saves us: time, pre-design costs and errors.

María Augusta Guadalupe Alcoser, Mabel Mariela Parada Rivera, Linda Mariuxi Flores Fiallos, Paúl Marcelo Manobanda Pinto


Incidence of short stories in the development of English reading comprehension.

The objective of this research was to establish the incidence of short stories in the development of reading comprehension in students from seventh year of Basic Education from "San Pio X” School in Ambato city; those with a low level of reading comprehension in the English area. The study was conducted under a quantitative method, quasi experimental design applied in two pre and post- test moments by Key English Test (KET) Cambridge. To determine the statistical differences in the process of reading comprehension among groups of students, a reading project based on the use of short stories was applied; a population of 60 students, of which 30 represents the control group and the experimental group remaining. The control group was evaluated after using the textbook as the only teaching materials, while the experimental group was then evaluated after receiving classes using a manual carefully chosen short stories. The results indicate that students in the experimental group showed at the end of the project, a remarkable development in reading comprehension through increased capacity of reading comprehension, vocabulary, detailed and comprehensive understanding. Therefore, through this research, it was determined that the use of short stories directly influences the development of reading comprehension, and requires teachers to start using short stories as supporting the teaching - learning English.

Chico Constante Ligia Adriana, Chamorro Ortega Cristina Paola, María Cristhina Robalino Araujo


He evaluation of the milk production curves of the Holstein Friesian cows at the Tunshi Espoch experimental station.

The economic evaluation of milk production in the 2014-2018 period was carried out at the Tunshi-ESPOCH station, for which daily productive records of the cows in production were used, which were analyzed taking into account the environmental factors effects on the production of milk of the different lactations of cows. The characterization included the calculation of lactation days in weeks of adjusted production at 305 days of average lactation considered by the NRC, also based on the volume of milk production (lts) per lactation. The breastfeeding performance adjusted at 305 days was lower in first-birth cows with a production of 2675.37 / lactation, compared with cows of sixth lactation 5160.90 liters / lactation, a value that reflects the physiological and reproductive maturity of the cow, and the genetic potential demonstrated in milk production at this stage of its productive and reproductive life. The yield at peak lactation was lower in primiparous cows which fits a linear equation of fifth with (80.5 liters / week, with an average daily production of 12 liters in the first week of lactation, the same as seen influenced by intrinsic and extrinsic factors which causes them to vary as lactation passes compared to multiparous women, (108.9 liters / week, with an average daily production of 15.5 liters / day, in the first week of lactation; lactation curves are described with a fifth order equation It was determined that cows are more efficient in the sixth lactation, and that the productivity of the cows is closely related to physiological maturity and milk secretion is increased as which reaches its productive maturity

Segundo Manuel Shagñay Rea, Luis Samuel Arias Alemán, Segundo Enrique Vaca Zambrano


Plan de mejora enfocado en la seguridad industrial para la empresa Inmeplast basado en las 5S

The company Industrial Inmeplast was created on July 1st 1994, is located in the city of Cuenca-Ecuador, is dedicated to the manufacture of plastic parts and pieces in reduced times, through the use of injection machines. The problem with the research is that Inmeplast employees do not use the safety equipment constantly during their working day, causing accidents at work despite the fact that the company provides the necessary equipment (helmets, gloves, shoes, masks, goggles, earmuffs, work clothes) and even provides the appropriate training, talks or conferences to deal with the different emergencies that may arise. The objective of the study is to design an improvement plan in the production area of the company, implementing the 5S (They are the key tool to achieve the organization of the work area and each concept has an important function. Seiri: selection or classification, distinguishing what is necessary from what is not Seiton: Order or organization, a place for everything, and everything in its place. Seiso: Cleaning, establishing methods to keep the workplace clean. Seiketsu: Standardized cleaning, is the condition or state that exists when the first 3 " S"; are maintained. Shitsuke: Discipline, establish mechanisms to establish a habit). The research methodology is of a descriptive nature with a quantitative approach. The technique of surveys will be applied to obtain information that will serve as the basis for developing an improvement plan, which is a set of change measures taken in an organization with the aim of improving the production area with respect to the use of safety implements. Finally, the results will be workers committed to their safety by providing a comfortable working environment and thus become the ideal ally for the satisfaction of the organization.

Kleber Antonio Luna Altamirano, Laura Geordania Quizhpe Peralta, Karina Magaly Bravo Chimbo Bravo Chimbo


Interaction strategies in the development of the productive skill of the English language speech

The objective of the investigation was the application of interaction strategies to improve the development of the productive skill of the speech of the English language in the students of second semester of the Career of Physical Culture of the Faculty of Health Sciences of the National University of Chimborazo. For this, the research was correlational, field research, with methods: inductive, deductive, analytical and synthetic. The sample was represented by 50 students, to whom an intervention plan based on a communicative method was applied, consisting of a set of activities oriented to conversations, dialogues and debates. To obtain the data, an instrument or rubric was applied before and after applying the intervention plan. In the first instance the previous knowledge was evaluated, while in the post test the knowledge was evaluated once the intervention was applied. Three specific and one general hypothesis were formulated based on variables and dimensions in relation to the research context. The data obtained through the intervention were tabulated analyzed, interpreted and subjected to a statistical test, which allowed establishing that the methods and techniques used contributed to the learning; in addition, the productive ability of English language speech was improved and developed by using interaction strategies through active techniques.

Sonia Marcela Suárez Cabrera, Ruth Patricia Molina Mazón, Sandra Liliana Abarca García


The influence that the DOTA2 videogame has on the mood of the player applied to the "AMX" team

Research to determine the influence of the Dota 2 video games on the mood of the players, an application research was used with the analytical method that seeks to find answers to a problem, produce contributions that promote the field of medicine and the computer science and new meanings to the current forms of the influence exerted by video games on the emotional health of people, responds to the analysis of results, the techniques applied are observation, surveys and interviews. In this work we will select the "AMX" team, DOTA2 players through surveys. The results analyzed after the different studies showed that the change of a normal behavior to another aggressive behavior of the players after losing a game in specific ways increasing their irritability and tension, on the other hand, each member was visualized with a behavior more compulsive before the different actions that were presented in the games played.

Dota2 will be researched as a videogame, how it develops, how complicated it is to play and the need felt by players to spend more time each day.

The influence exerted by the video game Dota 2 on the changes in the mood of the people is analyzed due to the tension generated during each of the games, in addition to the violence that it maintains, the moods will be analyzed before start the game and after him.

Paulina Fernada Mora Piña, Vanessa Lorena Valverde González, Sofía Paulina Valle Oñate


Microscopic analysis of clinker to optimize the clinkerization process in a cement factory.

The objective of this research was to optimize the clinkering process by means of microscopic analysis of clinker, to improve its quality, increasing C3S (alite) and diminishing C2S (belite) of its mineralogical composition, in cement factory. The clinker systematically tested for 12 weeks, was analyzed in the Quality Control Laboratory by microscopy. The interpretation of the texture, distribution and quantification of its mineral phases, let us to determine the stages of the clinkering process to be studied, as: Content of CaCO3 in the pre-homogenization of to the limestone, grinding and homogenization of raw, cooling temperature of the clinker and speed of the oven. The parameters of the processes were registered statistically by 6 weeks. This monitoring determines to adjust the parameters of quality as lime saturation factor on 94,20 and the grinding and homogenization of raw processes that keep on 20,44% Retained M:200 and 2,11 std, respectively, which produce a clinker with 56,17% C3S (alite) and 24,08% C2S (belite), average of mineral phases. As a result of the adjustment to 99,94 lime saturation factor, 18,25 Retained M:200 and 1,83 std in the grinding and homogenization of raw processes, respectively, in the following 6 weeks, it increases in 8 % of C3S and it diminishes in 10,13% C2S in its mineral phases, improving the quality of the clinker, because it develops better mechanical resistances of the final product as it is the cement.

Ana Gabriela Flores Huilcapi, Luis Santiago Carrera Almendáriz, Adrián Alejandro Rodríguez Pinos


Articulatory Phonetics in the development of English language speaking skills

Articulatory Phonetics in the development of oral English language skills" is a research project whose main goal was to determine the effectiveness of the use of Articulatory Phonetics in improving English language speaking skills. This descriptive study had a qualitative-quantitative approach which developed a quasi-experimental study. This study had two important groups of students who were active parts of it: the control group had 42 students and the experimental group also had the participation of 42 students. This research was conducted in the classroom therefore had a field research approach; as well as a documentary bibliographic review. The population was made up of students from two parallels of Third Level of English of the Language Center of the Polytechnic School of Chimborazo during the academic period March-July 2019. Additionally, the researchers applied a pre-test and a post-test based on the Cambridge Ket standardized test, which resulted in qualitative data that would then be converted into quantitative data through an evaluation rubric. With this, the Student's T-test was applied to prove or reject the hypothesis. It is concluded that the students improved their skills for oral English language communication through the use of Articulatory Phonetics and it is recommended to address and share this knowledge within the didactic planning to improve the competence of students in their English language skills.

Noemi Mercedes Remache Carrillo, Viviana Vanessa Yanez Valle, María Liliana Cando Carrillo


Design of a leachate treatment plant for Municipal Public Companies of Integral Toilet, Ecuador in Zone 3

The objective of this project was the design of a leachate treatment plant for Municipal Public Companies of Integral Toilet, Ecuador in Zone 3, in order to reduce the contaminant load and comply with the provisions of the Unified Text of Environmental Secondary Legislation (TULSMA) book VI, Annex 1, table 9. The Municipal Public Company Joint Patate - Pelileo Comprehensive Toilet EMMAIT-EP, based on a technical study, provided experimental data on its wastewater. Standard Methods for the Examination of Water and Residual Water were followed and physical, chemical and microbiological characterization was obtained. In order to determine the data of the landfill flow, the volumetric method was used based on the days when there is a greater waste discharge. It was identified that the parameters outside the maximum permissible limit for discharges to bodies of fresh water are: chemical oxygen demand (COD) 3670 mg / l, biological oxygen demand (BOD5) 7060 mg / l, total nitrogen 13600 mg / l, total solids 7080 mg / l, sulfides 2.60 mg / l, surfactants 3.45 mg / l. The treatment applied was purely biological with the use of artificial wetlands and an evaporation process with the use of solar radiation (solar distiller). The efficiency of these treatments in the removal of the contaminant load was determined, giving the following results in the analyzes to the treated water: COD 125 mg / l, BOD5 71 mg / l, total nitrogen 40.2 mg / l, total solids 728 mg / l, sulfides <0.5 mg / l and surfactants 0.47 mg / l; with an average removal percentage of 91.4%. It was concluded that after the final characterization the parameters are within the permissible limits and comply with what the TULSMA stipulates. It is recommended to use good quality materials for the construction of the different equipment, to increase the useful life of the equipment and the plant.

Mónica Lilian Andrade Avalos, Danielita Fernanda Borja Mayorga, Hugo Segundo Calderón Calderón


Effects of nutritive dissolutions of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium (N-P-K) on the growth of plantules of Juglans Neotropica Diels

The production of quality seedlings constitutes a strategy to ensure survival and development and thus face the natural changes and those caused by human activity that endanger forest species. This investigation aims to characterize the morphological response of the provenances of J. neotropics to the nutritive solutions of NPK. This is an experimental, descriptive and longitudinal study that established a randomized complete block design (DBCA) with 262 observations, growth development was evaluated in 65 days from 30 days after sowing; measures of height increase and the increase of the stem diameter of the plants were taken. Descriptive statistical analysis, dispersion and central tendency, analysis of variance, and a cluster were executed to determine clusters of growth patterns with respect to provenances. Significant differences were found in the response of the plants and where T6 obtained the best results in height and diameter. It was concluded that the best treatment is T6 and with respect to provenances P4 has the best growth values, these results differ from the control and other authors. The cluster procedure by linking Ward through the Euclidean distance grouped growth trends into three groups without finding incongruity factors. Pearson's Chi-square test shows that the three groups found can be associated with the morphological response of J. neotropics from different sources to the treatments. It is recommended to study the genetics of these varieties of J. neotropics to show if the origin has generated sub varieties with different growth profiles and nutritional needs.

Verónica Susana Guambo Tapia, Darwin Augusto Valenzuela Erazo, Angelica María Saeteros Hernández, Vilma Fernanda Noboa Silva


Design and validation of an instrument to measure knowledge in basic mathematics that science students possess

The purpose of this article is to develop and validate an instrument designed to measure knowledge in basic mathematics. Pointing the importance of validation as an orderly process that should lead to the reliability of the instrument. The design has been structured in 8 steps, initially a consultation with math teachers to structure the areas that would be evaluated, after that the development of a preliminary instrument, and then validate the experts and finally be able to develop the desired assessment instrument. The construction has been developed in the areas of basic mathematics: Arithmetic, Algebra, Trigonometry and Geometry, which were subdivided into sub-areas such as order of numbers, factorization, trigonometric ratios in a right triangle, calculate the area of geometric figures, between others, because they are the ones that mathematics teachers considered most necessary for the first courses of the Science careers. A pilot test was carried out on a group of students of Biochemistry in the first semester and the result of the Cronbach Alpha coefficient obtained determines a good indicator of reliability. This allows us to consider that the instrument is well constructed and can be for the group for which the design of the instrument was raised.

Francisco de Asís Carreras García, Zoraida Margarita Sívoli Barrios


Development and analysis of mechanical resistance of cement block-polyurethane-rubber powder.

The research was carried out under the need and alternative to innovate the construction industry, friendly to the environment, through an investigative process it was determined that the required rubber will be recycled consciously and processed correctly so that it can be reused in construction processes With all this background, 52.56% strength blocks have been manufactured, the main component being front cement, rubber powder, polyurethane (component A and B) of light gray texture, with a fine surface texture. For forming a mold was made under standard; In addition, after molding, the molding process was carried out quickly, since the drying process is quick due to the polyurethane property, with an estimated time of 30 minutes. The research and experimental work, contains a wide range of literature review that has allowed the development of the blocks. The analytical process carried out in the materials resistance laboratory of the Faculty of Mechanics of the Polytechnic Higher School of Chimborazo focused on the demonstration of the physical properties provided by the polyurethane-based block and rubber powder. Based on an investigative and analytical process, type B masonry blocks have been manufactured according to the technical parameters of the Ecuadorian Institute for Standardization, whose focus is to break the paradigms in the field of construction. The analysis of the advantages of the transformation of rubber dust in the construction of building blocks was made, thus being able to verify its feasibility in construction, with 3 types of mixing with 25% cement, 25% polyurethane and 50% rubber dust.

Eugenia Mercedes Naranjo Vargas, Javier Renato Moyano Arévalo, Cristian Geovanny Damián Yambay, Jessica Pamela Malán Ortiz


Evaluation of the written skills in english and its development

The objective of this research was to evaluate the written skills that serve as the basis for the development of a strategy that allows its development. For this, the dimensions of structure, contents, writing and use of resources were identified. The dimensions were evaluated through a rubric through the application of a set of activities contemplated in the study plan and developed through a schedule. The research was descriptive statistical, field and bibliographic. The sample was intentional and consisted of 32 first-level students of the Facultad de Administration de Empress de la Escuela Superior Polytechnical de Chimborazo between men and women. The students presented similar characteristics because they study the subject and have the same resources in the process of learning the English language. The instrument applied to obtain the data was prepared, reviewed and approved by experts in the area. The results obtained were filtered, tabulated, analyzed and interpreted through tables and graphs. This allowed us to establish that students have problems in writing ability, since the evaluated components of structure, content, writing and use of resources need to be addressed through a strategy for their development.

Gabriela Paulina Dávila Yánez, Deysi Lucia Damián Tixi, Cristina Paola Chamorro Ortega, Karen Alexandra Plua Vinces


Impact of the digital divide in teaching and learning processes in the School of Business Administration of the Polytechnic School of Chimborazo

The problem of the digital and technological gap is focused on the process, scope and repercussions that are just beginning to show in a changing society, this problem starts a new generation where the digital divide is equivalent to any unequal distribution in access, use or impact that Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) generates among social groups such as actors in higher education (academy, teachers and students), this indicates that considerable groups lack knowledge and skills for the operation of the Internet as well as the computer, and have not noticed the serious problem they face. Therefore, this analysis proposes to carry out a theoretical and qualitative study on the evolution of the digital divide based on generational and technology changes, considering the academic environment in the Escuela de Administration de Empress of the ESPOCH as an object of study through which A research with descriptive scope marks the undeniable rapidity of technological advances and that this has led to events that society has not stopped to examine. However, in the context of higher education the visions of actors such as; The institution of higher education, teachers and students, will indicate that in some way the impact of the gap by new socialization and communication schemes.

Deysi Lucía Damián Tixi, Gabriela Paulina Dávila Yánez , Mónica Paulina Castillo Niama, Segundo Salvador Cazar Costales


Prevalence of bipolar disorder and associated factors in the rural parishes of Cuenca city

Introduction: Bipolar disorder is a pathology of mood that is characterized by episodes that change between mania and depression; The objective of the study was to know the prevalence and associated factors of bipolar disorder in the population of the rural parishes of the Cuenca city. Materials and methods: A cross sectional analysis study was carried out. The universe was made up of 199,506 inhabitants, through a multi-stage sample 984 individuals from the parishes El Valle, Tarqui and Checa were evaluated. A sociodemographic interview and the MINI test (International Mini Neuropsychiatric Interview for adults) were applied. People 18 years of age and older were included and individuals with severe cognitive and behavioral disorders were excluded. Results: It was found that 32 people had current bipolar disorder corresponding to a prevalence of 3.30% of which 1.42%, were reported as a single disorder. People suffering from mania currently accounted for 1.70% of the population; while that suffering hypomania were 1.50%. A higher percentage was found in the female sex. The only associated factor is not living with a couple, with a chi-square of 11.60 (p: 0.00) with an OR of 2.20 (CI 1.39 - 3.50). There is no association with family structure and functionality, employment status, migration, age and sex. Comorbidities were considered: anxiety and dependence-abuse of alcohol and substances. Conclusions: Bipolar disorder has a prevalence of 3.30%. The main associated factor was living without a partner.

Carla Alexandra Idrovo Idrovo, Christian Miguel Moncayo Rivera, Wilson Daniel Lasso León, Pastora María Rivera Hernández


IMC-calcium series of children and adolescents in rural schools of Cañar city, period January - June 2019

Introduction: The consumption of calcium in the diet particularly that from dairy products, is associated with the reduction of body weight. Objective: Evaluate calcium intake and its relationship with overweight and obesity in children and adolescents from 4 to 12 years old, rural schools of the Cañar canton, January-June 2019 period.
Methodology: Study descriptive, prospective transversal and quasi-experimental. The nutritional status of 122 children and adolescents was evaluated using indicators such as BMI, with overweight results. On the other hand, blood samples were obtained to obtain the serum calcium of each of the adolescents and classify them according to the normal values ​​of this indicator. A calcium supplement plan based on semi-skimmed milk was started over 6 months. After this time, each of the adolescents was evaluated for BMI, obtaining important results. Results: BMI intervals 22 and 24 were found in 42 adolescents categorized with overweight and obesity. Regarding the serum calcium values ​​of the adolescents under study, it was found that in a percentage of 63.3% they had normal values, on the other hand, 41.7% obtained hypocalcemia. Finally, a significant association was obtained between calcium and BMI values ​​taken before and after calcium supplementation, based on the application of the Pearson coefficient.
Conclusion: There is a relationship between calcium intake and BMI in the adolescents analyzed.

Christian Miguel Moncayo Rivera, Wilson Daniel Lasso León, Walter Antonio Moncayo Molina, Pastora María Rivera Hernández


Design and elaboration of biodegradable utensils from the fiber of the banana stem (Musa paradisiaca) as an alternative of use to mitigate environmental impacts caused by the plastic

Due to environmental requirements, today we choose to find new sources of renewable resources, to apply them in various areas, therefore, we have seen the need to produce biodegradable utensils, being an effective alternative to mitigate the use of conventional equipment whose characteristics have a very high degradation time.

The research took place in the Industrial Processes laboratory of the Faculty of Science of the Polytechnic School of Chimborazo, the main raw material that was used was obtained from the banana stem to which purification and bleaching was done with NaOH at 30 %, NaClO and water that allowed the hardening of the fibers obtained, the average initial weight of the raw material without drying (0.1454 Kg) was considered, the organic fibers were distributed in four drying trays which were subjected to the drying equipment of trays at a temperature of 50 oC for 7 hours once the fiber moisture was extracted, an average weight of the dry raw material of (0.04028 Kg) was obtained, eliminating 77.99% of moisture and then going to the process spraying in a ball mill turning the previously dried organic fibers into powder, then with the powder obtained the utensils were made by moistening the dry fibers to shape them. The fibers obtained achieved excellent mechanical strength, then an analysis was performed by infrared IR spectroscopy, presenting characteristics similar to those of a synthetic plastic and differentiating it by its easy degradation. The processing of the raw material for the elaboration of utensils does not cause environmental contamination becoming biodegradable waste after its use.

Santiago Andrés Aguiar Conya, Marlene Jaqueline García Veloz, Sonia Mercedes Vallejo Abarca


Design and implementation of a ptar for active sludge at laboratory scale, Science Faculty Espoch

Research – experimental method was applied and it consisted in checking of several studies carried out in similar conditions, sampling in the cheese Factory Llin Llin, it is located at Pucará –Colta canton using point sampling, microbiological, physical, chemical and wastewater, development of previous calculations, construction, treatment and actual calculations. The building material for the laboratory scale plant was polycarbonate, the dimensions are taken into account the 12% of those obtained in previous calculations, tha plant har three tanks: reservoir, aeration and sedimentation with the following dimensions 50 cm x 50 cm x 75 cm and two tanks: treated water storage and sludge with dimensions 50 cm x 50 cm x 50 cm. The settling tank has a 20% slope. The treatment started using different hydraulic retention times (72-60-48-36-24-12-8-4 hours) for each simple and 11 days of cell retention. As a result of the treatment it was accomplished when removing BOD with an initial value of 28300 mg/L to 350 mg/L of a hydraulic retention time of 4 hours. It is concluded that the biological treatment performed in the laboratory scale plant has presented satisfactory efficiency of 98% for sewage of cheese factories. It is recommended to develop a strict control on the pH, temperature, dissolved oxygen, settleable solids, suspended and volatile to ensure proper treatment and reduce biochemical oxygen demanded.

Ana María Castillo Reinoso, Erika Carmen Criollo Quizphi, Monica Paola Oñate Oñate