Implementation of a computer application for the validation of scientific articles in indexed journals

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Efraín Velasteguí López
Yolanda Tatiana Carrasco Ruano
Manolo Roberto Fabara Villacis
Diego Omar Guerra Poalasin


Technology has evolved so rapidly that it is capable of making decisions with the use of mathematical equations, which has allowed the generation of new software that optimizes the daily problems of ordinary people in the beginning and academics today, as is the case of development of an application capable of applying the APA metrics and citation regulations as presented in the main objective of the project, substantially reducing the time of editing and review for both researchers and publishers, contributing to the strengthening of research through of the dissemination of it, which is the main mission of the Digital Science Network, linking with the policies of the National Development Plan, contributing to the increase in the percentage of investment in private sector R&D and contributing to requests for national patents when properly completing the books and research raised by the network. Technically the agile software development methodology (scrum) was used, in the administrative part it is intended to use a garage methodology. This project is focused on the national market at the beginning and internationally in subsequent phases by presenting an automated and validated form to be implemented in an indexed magazine in an agile and intelligent way.


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Velasteguí López , E., Carrasco Ruano , Y. T., Fabara Villacis , M. R., & Guerra Poalasin , D. O. (2020). Implementation of a computer application for the validation of scientific articles in indexed journals. Ciencia Digital, 4(1), 5-17.
Author Biography

Efraín Velasteguí López , Editorial Ciencia Digital

Efraín Velasteguí López: Master in Information Technology and Educational Multimedia, Master in Teaching and Curriculum for Higher Education, Doctor (PhD) in Pedagogical Science from the University of Matanza Camilo Cien Fuegos Cuba, has more than 90 indexed journal publications in Latindex and Scopus, 21 papers at national and international level, 13 books with ISBN, in educational multimedia registered in the Ecuadorian chamber of the book, a patent of the brand Digital Science, Accreditation in the categorization of national and foreign researchers REG-INV Registry -18-02074, Director, editor of the indexed journals in Latindex Catalog Digital Science, Digital Visionary, Digital Explorer, Digital Consciousness, Digital Anatomy and Editorial Digital Science editorial record No. 663. Ecuadorian Chamber of the book Director of the Digital Science Research Network , issued through Agreement No. SENESCYT-2018-040, with registration number REG-RED-18 -0063.


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