IMC-calcium series of children and adolescents in rural schools of Cañar city, period January - June 2019

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Christian Miguel Moncayo Rivera
Wilson Daniel Lasso León
Walter Antonio Moncayo Molina
Pastora María Rivera Hernández


Introduction: The consumption of calcium in the diet particularly that from dairy products, is associated with the reduction of body weight. Objective: Evaluate calcium intake and its relationship with overweight and obesity in children and adolescents from 4 to 12 years old, rural schools of the Cañar canton, January-June 2019 period.
Methodology: Study descriptive, prospective transversal and quasi-experimental. The nutritional status of 122 children and adolescents was evaluated using indicators such as BMI, with overweight results. On the other hand, blood samples were obtained to obtain the serum calcium of each of the adolescents and classify them according to the normal values ​​of this indicator. A calcium supplement plan based on semi-skimmed milk was started over 6 months. After this time, each of the adolescents was evaluated for BMI, obtaining important results. Results: BMI intervals 22 and 24 were found in 42 adolescents categorized with overweight and obesity. Regarding the serum calcium values ​​of the adolescents under study, it was found that in a percentage of 63.3% they had normal values, on the other hand, 41.7% obtained hypocalcemia. Finally, a significant association was obtained between calcium and BMI values ​​taken before and after calcium supplementation, based on the application of the Pearson coefficient.
Conclusion: There is a relationship between calcium intake and BMI in the adolescents analyzed.


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Moncayo Rivera, C. M., Lasso León, W. D., Moncayo Molina, W. A., & Rivera Hernández, P. M. (2020). IMC-calcium series of children and adolescents in rural schools of Cañar city, period January - June 2019. Ciencia Digital, 4(1), 364-372.


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