Articulatory Phonetics in the development of English language speaking skills

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Noemi Mercedes Remache Carrillo
Viviana Vanessa Yanez Valle
María Liliana Cando Carrillo


Articulatory Phonetics in the development of oral English language skills" is a research project whose main goal was to determine the effectiveness of the use of Articulatory Phonetics in improving English language speaking skills. This descriptive study had a qualitative-quantitative approach which developed a quasi-experimental study. This study had two important groups of students who were active parts of it: the control group had 42 students and the experimental group also had the participation of 42 students. This research was conducted in the classroom therefore had a field research approach; as well as a documentary bibliographic review. The population was made up of students from two parallels of Third Level of English of the Language Center of the Polytechnic School of Chimborazo during the academic period March-July 2019. Additionally, the researchers applied a pre-test and a post-test based on the Cambridge Ket standardized test, which resulted in qualitative data that would then be converted into quantitative data through an evaluation rubric. With this, the Student's T-test was applied to prove or reject the hypothesis. It is concluded that the students improved their skills for oral English language communication through the use of Articulatory Phonetics and it is recommended to address and share this knowledge within the didactic planning to improve the competence of students in their English language skills.


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Remache Carrillo, N. M., Yanez Valle, V. V., & Cando Carrillo, M. L. (2020). Articulatory Phonetics in the development of English language speaking skills. Ciencia Digital, 4(1), 182-196.


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