Symptomatology, diagnosis, and treatment of multisystemic inflammatory syndrome in post covid-19 infants: literature review

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Silvia Elizabeth Bautista Vanegas
Isabel Cristina Mesa Cano


Introduction. In 2020, COVID-19-associated multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children was first reported, which can have a severe course and may require supportive care. Objective. To review the scientific literature on symptomatology, diagnosis and treatment of multisystemic inflammatory syndrome in children with COVID-19. Methodology. A systematic review of publications indexed in the following browsers was performed: PubMed, Scopus, Web of Science, since 2017, those that had some relation with the subject to be treated were chosen, in a complementary way this search was performed using the keywords. Results. A total of 26 articles related to the topic were found, reflecting that multisystemic inflammatory syndrome is present in a large percentage of children who suffered COVID-19, MIS is characterized by fever, gastrointestinal manifestations, changes in the oral mucosa and skin rash. Laboratory and imaging tests are used to diagnose this pathology. Treatment consists of applying IV immunoglobulin. Conclusion.  Being a pathology of recent appearance in children it is important to study it and define the different components for an adequate diagnosis and treatment.


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Bautista Vanegas, S. E., & Mesa Cano, I. C. (2023). Symptomatology, diagnosis, and treatment of multisystemic inflammatory syndrome in post covid-19 infants: literature review. Ciencia Digital, 7(1), 157-189.


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