Covid-19. Diseño antropométrico de silla y escritorio para recibir clases de posgrado en línea.

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Manuel Armando Alencastro Chuez
Manolo Alexander Córdova Suarez
Esthela del Rocío Freire Ramos
María Fernanda Cuenca Cajamarca


Introduction. The Covid-19 pandemic toppled the global economy and common ways of working, forcing students and teachers to take classes online in conditions that are not ergonomically suitable for their health. Objective. Anthropometrically design a chair and desk for a group of students receiving online graduate classes and mitigate ergonomic risk. Methods. It began by determining the real dimensions of the main anthropometric elements that determine a group of professionals who study online and then applying percentile calculations to choose the best dimension of 14 parts of a chair and a desk that mitigates the level of ergonomic risk. Results. From the application of the calculation of the percentiles for a population of 35 students considering a class mark (m) of 6 for 14 anthropometric dimensions that coincide with 14 important parts of the design, the following dimensions were chosen: seat height 42.49 cm, space between legs and table 17.39 cm, seat depth 44.68 cm, table height 53.93 cm, armrest height 22.81 cm, upper back width 43.49 cm, table top depth 60 , 17cm, bottom table depth 70.43 cm, distance allowing mobility 93.64 cm, width of seat base 38.91 cm, distance between armrests 45.88 cm, height of seat back 60.93 cm . Conclusion. An ergonomic workspace was designed considering real anthropometric dimensions for a group of graduate students studying in teleworking conditions due to the Covid-19 pandemic.


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Alencastro Chuez, M. A., Córdova Suarez, M. A., Freire Ramos, E. del R., & Cuenca Cajamarca, M. F. (2021). Covid-19. Diseño antropométrico de silla y escritorio para recibir clases de posgrado en línea. Anatomía Digital, 4(3.1), 107-117.

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