Reactive compensation optimization in electrical systems by the CRITIC method

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Alvaro Napoleón Chiguano Velasco
Jessica Nataly Castillo Fiallos
Carlos Iván Quinatoa Caiza
Edison Fabricio Guanochanga Collaguazo


Introduction. In AC electric systems, the injection of reactive power directly influences the improvement of electrical parameters such as power factor, voltages, loose reduction, line chargeability, etc. In electrical power systems, reactive compensation optimization studies are carried out using various heuristic methods that are characterized by their programming complexity and by a large component of human judgment, which greatly influences the evaluation of the results found.  Objective.  Analyze the results of the application of the Critic method to the optimization of the reactive compensation of the sub-transmission system of the Riobamba Electric Company. Methodology.  Initially, an algorithm to obtain the population of scenarios to be evaluated and the evaluation criteria is proposed, finally the statistical analysis is implemented using the Critic method for multicriteria decision making. The proposed algorithms and the subsequent statistical evaluation were carried out in the EERSA 69kV sub transmission system. Results.  From the results of the application of the proposed methods to the EERSA network, the improvement of the voltage profiles is achieved while the system losses are reduced, all this with the minimum requirements of reactive power injected into the system.


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Chiguano Velasco, A. N., Castillo Fiallos, J. N., Quinatoa Caiza, C. I., & Guanochanga Collaguazo, E. F. (2023). Reactive compensation optimization in electrical systems by the CRITIC method. Ciencia Digital, 7(2), 64-81.


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