Storytelling strategy to improve coherence in writing skills development

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Noemi Mercedes Remache Carrillo
Viviana Vanessa Yánez Valle
Mariela Germania Pilco Labre


This research had as its main purpose to determine how the Storytelling strategy improves coherence in writing skills. To appraise the efficacy of this strategy, a writing pre-test and a post-test were applied to the sixth level students of the Cambridge Language Center extension of the Escuela Superior Politécnica de Chimborazo during the September 2018 - February 2019 academic period. Those exams focused on the writing part from Cambridge PET (Preliminary English Test). A guide for the teacher was designed which was used during the classroom intervention. That guide was mainly based on the three stages of the writing process: prewriting, writing itself, and review through the use of use the following techniques:  narrative, visual history, problem / solution, dialogue; and, hero and enemy. The analysis and interpretation of the obtained data which came from the pre and the post-tests before and after the intervention was performed. Once the application of the proposal was accomplished, the data obtained from the pre-test and the post-test was processed by using the T-student mathematical test with the statistical software SPSS (Statistical Package for the Social Sciences). The results demonstrated that the application of the Storytelling strategy generated high interest and improvement in the students’ production of written texts. Therefore, the Storytelling strategy contributes with the enhancement of students' written production. Finally, it was concluded that students improved coherence in their written texts through the Storytelling strategy. Consequently, it is recommended that English teachers apply this proposal with the Storytelling strategy in their educational work to improve the development of students in their English language learning process.


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Remache Carrillo, N. M., Yánez Valle, V. V., & Pilco Labre, M. G. (2019). Storytelling strategy to improve coherence in writing skills development. Explorador Digital, 3(3.1), 123-142.

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